Fashion Friday: Tel Aviv Edition

Wandering through the various neighborhoods in Tel Aviv inspires me in so many ways.   They might not be filled with shiny, tall, and new buildings (although they definitely exist), but there was character everywhere you looked. In the colorful peeling walls, graffiti, nature, and the people. Being in Israel reminds me to look around, look up at the sky, notice colorful the art on the wall, gaze at the beautiful scenery, and in general, appreciate the small things in life. One of the things that I admire about Israelis, is that they truly appreciate the small things, and they are constantly living in the present, because frankly, they oftentimes don’t know if there will be a tomorrow.   There are obviously pros and cons to this mentality, but I know that I have, and will continue to, take a page from their book in this regard.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live the life I do, and when you travel to other places, I think it gives you a swift kick in the butt to remind yourself that you have SO much to be grateful for, and how important it is to appreciate the small things, no matter how small it might be.


casie 7
Shoes:  $49.95 Converse Sunglasses: ON SALE $34.99 Similar Pair AQS Nordstrom  Dress: $49.95  Jcrew

Fashion-wise, Israel is, frankly,  interesting.   When I lived in Israel, my friend and I would take photos of the t-shirts that people would wear that say phrases in English that simply never made any sense.  I would see adults, wearing a bright pink, tight casie 2shirt that said, ‘dude, fun, flower’, and we would smile, and snap a photo.  In some ways, I think Israelis are more bold when it comes to fashion, and they are always willing to take risks.  Whether it’s on the beach, barely wearing anything, or in the streets, wearing jeans that were cut SO low that might as well be showing, well, everything.  That being said, I admire the fact that they are willing to take risks, they just do what they want, and that takes some chutzpah (GUTS)!  Now, this isn’t to say that some Israeli’s don’t have amazing fashion sense, because Israelis are #1, stunningly beautiful, and #2 some of them look like they should be on the cover of Vogue.  So I can’t say all of them wear crazy t-shirts with random words on it, just a quarter of the population.  😉

During my time in Israel, I TRIED to be more casual, but as most of you know, that isn’t really my forte!   A lot of you asked about the outfit below and where I got it!  And honestly, I got it at T.J MAXX!  SURPRISE SURPRISE!  It was only $50 and it’s by Free People.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the exact dress anywhere, but keep an eye out at your local T.J MAXX or look at the Free People website. They also have beautiful dresses that are similar to the one I was wearing, such as this one, and I really like this one, even though it isn’t quite as similar.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetDress:  Free People T.J. Maxx
$49.95 Sandals:  Zara (Old) $39.90  Similar

One of my favorite things to do when I am traveling is walking around and getting lost.  I think it allows you to really take in the feel and culture of a place.   While I was wandering through the Florentine, which is in the southern part of Tel Aviv, and is known as the more ‘artsy’ neighborhood, with quaint restaurants, art galleries, and colorful homes on every corner, I stopped to take photos constantly.  And these are just a few of the moments that I captured…

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Florentein, Tel Aviv
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

When you are in a city, near or far, take a second, look around, and take it all in.  The good, the bad, the people, the smells, sights, and sounds.  And if it really captivates you, snap a photo, with or without you in it.  Let that moment inspire you, your fashion, your art, your music, or even the way you live.

Keep an eye out for my next post where I will be blogging about one of my favorite things, FOOD, in Israel and Portugal.  

And of course, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at CasieFarrell1,where I have been posting new photos from my trip!  


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