Fashion Friday: Night out on the Town

It’s fashion Friday! #FF  Get excited!  Last weekend I went out in PLANO!  Lol Gasp!  I know, but actually it wasn’t TOO bad.  😉  I went salsa dancing, had drinks at Pepper Smash, which I’ve been wanting to try, and to Sambuca (I swear I was the youngest one there which is completely opposite of the uptown crowd, where I feel like a grandma. YOU KNOW ITS TRUE)   But don’t worry, I’m still a city girl!  😉

Fashion for me has always been a creative outlet to express myself, as it is with most people.  This particular outfit is little more on the edgy side.  I tend to have two fashion personalities, the super preppy, classic, think A line skirts, super girly and traditional, and then I have my more NY girl vibe, edgy, trendy, and modern.  Dallas tends to lean more towards the preppy, classic side, but I always like to switch it up and honestly, just wear whatever I’m feeling like at the moment!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Last night I sported UNIQLO high waisted dark denim, paired with an Express high neck crop top (the link is a similar top).  Super easy and comfortable!  I got my first pair of high wasted denim in Israel 2 years ago, and I must say, they are now a staple in my wardrobe!  I love them and they are very on trend!

On a side note, for those of you who have not ever shopped at UNIQLO, it’s AMAZING!  They have them in NYC and San Francisco and several other cities around the world.  It’s wonderful for inexpensive quality basics.  I buy at least two pairs of their leggings for the winter time, I swear by now I have at least 10 pairs because I wear them so often and they are such a great price, usually only $19 or so.  The one on Madison Avenue in NYC is like its own mall, a little overwhelming at times, but AWESOME!  It’s usually my first stop when I’m in NYC or San Francisco. My shoes are from Marshalls , I believe they were only about $20 or so.  I got them last year both in nude and black because they are great basics that are on trend at a reasonable price and go with just about everything!  My handbag is a very unique piece.  It’s reversible; on one side it is multi-colored cork and on the inside it is black patent leather.  I believe I bought it at Nordstrom a few years ago but Spicer Bags  has a lot of cork handbag options that are super cute!  My ring was from a little boutique in Berlin!  I have no clue who it’s by but I loved it knew I had to have it when I saw it.

cs 3

That’s a wrap for Fashion Friday #2!  I hope you enjoyed having a little insight into my fashion world! Have a wonderful weekend and keep on the lookout for my post tomorrow, The T word!


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