Fashion Forward Friday

OK. I missed the boat on posting this Friday, but I promise it won’t happen again!

 Anyone who knows me knows how much I love fashion!  My mom always told me that when I was younger, I wouldn’t wear anything but a dress.  Pants?!  FORGET ABOUT IT!  And, for some reason, I remember hating the GAP.  Not sure why, but anytime we walked in there  I wouldn’t allow my mother to get me a thing. Regardless if it was a dress or not! I was such a brat.  😉

Things haven’t changed much.   I am still very particular about what I like and don’t like when it comes to clothes.  When I am looking for a dress for any event, I have to check everywhere out before I make any decision!  That being said, it would be crazy for me not to incorporate a fashion day at least once per week in this blog!  So Fashion Forward Friday is here!  EVERYONE SHOULD GET EXCITED!  🙂  I am!  For my first Fashion Forward Friday, I will be posting about one of the latest spring trends, stripes!  I will also post any links so that you can purchase it if you like!  Just as an FYI…I don’t receive any type of commission for this.
Shop till ya drop!

Springtime Stripes


FAIR true cold shoulder blouse
$69 –

River Island tie blouse

Chloé brown suede shoes
$490 –

Steve Madden low top

Mini shoulder bag
$420 –

Tory burch tech accessory

Sunday Somewhere nose pads glasses
$245 –

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