Practice Makes…

I have noticed over the past few weeks my tendency to want things, and want them now.  I have been working on my calligraphy (a post will follow soon), and I want it to be perfect now, I always work on my yoga, and I find myself wanting to do a handstand TODAY, and my blog, which I literally JUST started, I want to have 1000 followers, get 1000 likes, and have it be successful like yesterday.  I have all of the sudden become impatient.  I guess when I look back I have been impatient a lot in my life (I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to many of you!  😉 ) , but I’ve really noticed it lately with all of the new hobbies I have taken on.

I have come to realize that now, more than ever I need a plan.  So I have started to work on how often, what topics, and when I am going to post on the blog.  Casiefarrell has made me realize just how much goes into a blog.  I’m not complaining, I have actually loved doing this, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount about social media, promotion, throughout this week long blogging experience.  But its going to take time (I have to keep telling myself that), to get into a rhythm.  In a few days I will let yall know an update about what will be posted when so you can follow along!

I will bring this all back to my yoga practice once again, which has always preached practice, not perfection today, but maybe improvement tomorrow.  It has also taught me to try to be patient, and with time, that pose, the perfect cursive ‘A’, and blogging success will come with time.  I constantly have to remind myself of that so that I do not get overwhelmed with wanting everything now.  Its tough, but we all have to remind ourselves, that with a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication we can do it!  Practice makes perfect right?  Or maybe practice makes progress, OK, OK I’ll take it!





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