The Blogging Brunette Mafia

ashley 1
This is Ashley looking like a model, while I’m looking like a crazy person who just met Ben Stiller

About a year ago a girl walked into my yoga class and sat right next to me.  At the time, I was going through a lot in my personal life and she was nice enough to sit there for quite a while and listen to me vent about life.  After talking with her, she helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in my experience and ever since then, we have become fast friends and have shared many memories including our oftentimes awful dating stories, happy hours, and crazy nights.

Ashley has been somewhat of an inspiration for my own blog as she writes about everything that is Ashley.  She is authentic, candid, and flat out, funny!  And her dating adventures are always interesting, to say the least!  She also talks frankly about how she navigates through life being thirty something and single and I must say, she offers some insightful advice which always makes me reflect on my own.  One thing she told me is that she does the blog for herself, its her creative outlet which allows her to be herself and I truly LOVE and admire that!

Thank you Ashley for being such a great friend, listening to all of my craziness, and for being a blogging inspiration!

You can and should follow Ashleys’ blog The Outtakes: Real Life and Style at 


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