The Doom of Dating

About 10 months ago, I became single again and entered the wonderful world of swiping apps.  My first encounter, literally my first ever match on Tinder, went something like this:

Me:  Hello!

Him:  Hey there!  How are you?!  You are beautiful!

Me:  Thank you!  🙂

Him:  Are you doing anything this weekend?

Me:  I don’t have anything planned really.

Him:  Great!  Lets go for a walk at the Katy Trail (a local running/walking trail)

Me:  Sounds great!

Him:  Great!  What is your #?

Me: ###-###-####

Text Message 1 minute later from him:  Hey, so after we go to the Katy Trail want to f*ck?

Text from Me:  Wow.  While appreciate your honesty, that’s not what I am looking for.  Good luck to ya sir.

I would estimate about 1 out of every 5 Tinder matches amounts to some sort of inappropriate remark from a guy, and that is being generous my friends.  My question is, why is this now acceptable?  Why do guys think they can get away with being so crude after speaking to someone for all of 5 minutes over a message?  Guys sure do grow some big gonads over social media!  I find myself constantly asking, “would they ever treat a woman like that in reality?”  I would like to say not to this extent, but I will say that things have definitely changed since I was younger.  Whatever happened to taking girls to dinner?  Or on a proper date?  Putting some thought and effort into it rather than, “hey, wanna grab a drink?”  I feel like the answer to this is that people are going on many more dates due to the fact that women are so accessible via apps and online sites.  But does that still make it ok?  It definitely cheapens the experience, and I think as a whole, people take dating much less seriously than they used to.

In my experience, guys have a lot less respect for women and dating in general, and I personally believe it due to the fact that dating apps have made these behaviors more socially acceptable.

What have your experiences been like on Tinder or other dating apps?

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